Unit Total Youth Total Adults Campsites
Troop 101 6 2 41-42
Troop 102 3 43-44
Troop 111 28  28 14-20
Troop 119 8 5 1-3
Troop 128 20  5 64-68
Troop 155 16 5 116 - Road
Troop 179 25 14 26-29
Troop 217 8 12 51-52
Troop 220 16 3 35-37
Troop 225 16 6 22-24
Troop 228 20 10 30-33
Troop 231 6 2 57-58
Troop 234 7 2 109-110
Troop 304 3 105-107
Troop 309 5 10 49-50
Troop 406 11 17 45-48
Troop 504 12 2 11-13
Troop 805 9 3 4-6
Troop 820 7 3 59-61
Troop 858 15 25 53-56
Pack 3143 ? ? 89-91


We have a number of events scheduled for Camporee. Typically we ask that adult leaders from each of the units attending Camporee to run these events. Don't worry, it is not so hard to do, and it is a lot of fun. If you are a unit leader and you plan on attending camporee and you are currently not showing up here as running one of the events, please use the Contact Us form to sign up for an event. Include your name unit number and what event you would like to be in charge of.

Sign Up For An Event

Axe Throw
Troop 858
Blind Tent Building
Troop 231
Troop 228
Buffalo Ball
Troop 228
Campsite Inspections
Compass Course
Troop 102
Canoe Portege
Troop 805
Dutch Oven Cooking
Troop 128
First Aid and Stretcher Race
Troop 225
Gateway Judging
Knot Tying
Troop 155
Leave No Trace
Troop 119
Troop 102
Patrol Flag Judging
Pony Express Relay
Troop 179
Raise the Log
Troop 111
String Burn
Troop 262
Uniform Inspections


Mrs. Edith Scott Willett donated a 535-acre (2.17 kmĀ²) plot near Oak View, California in 1954 and is named in her honor. Camp Willett is used for events such as Camporees, Troop weekend camping and training events. The facilities are very rustic at camp and campers should practice Leave no Trace at all times during their stay. There is a Quonset hut building which can facilitate shelter, has hook up for generator to supply electricity within the building, BBQ area and Dutch Owen cooking. Pit toilets and water spigots are located throughout the camp and within campsites.

The camp entrance is located on Sulphur Mountain Road. Driving to camp: Take the US-101 North/Ventura Fwy towards Santa Barbara; take the California 33 north exit toward Ojai and turn right at Sulphur Mountain Road; drive past the Girl Scout Camp to cattle gate #1 (gate is locked at all times), head east on Sulphur Mountain Road; turn left at Camp Willett sign before crossing cattle gate #3.

Camporee Work Task List

Service project opportunities and tasks are available at Camp Willett

Review Task List

Camporee Clean Up Work Weekend

This year on April 13th through April 15th we will report to McGrath state beach and perform some work effort there to help beautify and prepared the property for Camporee. Units are encouraged to attend on Saturday April 14th, and you are allowed to camp if you so desire.

Clean Brush Around Campsites

There is a lot of brush, including some dead trees that need to be cut out and cleaned up around the campsites. Some work on cleaning out heavy vegetation around the campsites could also be done to prepare for the camp.

Set Fire Rings Deeper

The Rangers are the site would like us to dig the fire rings deeper into the ground at the camp sites. Bring shovels.

Clean Amphitheater

A small amphitheater is on site and could be cleaned up and rebuilt. This may be beyond our ability to do right now, but having some thought to cleaning the brush to prepare for some rebuilding would be helpful.

The amphitheater has been cleaned up, the posts and old seats were removed and all the dead trees and brush cut out and removed. This work effort should be completed.


List of events and happenings leading up to Camporee.

The Next Event

Event Date, Event Time

Event Title

Event Location

Event Description

  • 5/2/2018, 6:30PM

    Thorns and Roses

    Camarillo Scout House

    Our chance to get together and talk about what went right and what needs to be better for next year!

  • 4/20/2018, 4:00PM


    McGrath State Beach

    This is the dates for Camporee, we will be having a blast!

  • 4/13/2018, 6:00PM

    Camporee Work Weekend

    McGrath State Beach

    This is our work weekend for Camporee. We have a number of things to get done in prep for Camporee. Units are invited to camp at the camping location. Work top include some tree and brush cleaning and resetting some fire pits.

  • 4/4/2018, 6:30PM

    Planning Meeting

    Camarillo Scout House

    This is our last planning meeting before Camporee. Final details will be worked out along with extra details about the clean up weekend and the tasks that need to be done.

  • 3/7/2018, 6:30PM

    Planning Meeting

    Camarillo Scout House

    This is our fourth planning meeting, we will be finalizing manuals and T-Shirt designs. We will also be finalizing our work weekend details.

  • 2/7/2018, 6:30PM

    Planning Meeting

    Camarillo Scout Barn

    This is our fourth planning meeting, we will be talking about events and voting on the patch contest at thtis meeting.

  • 1/3/2018, 6:30PM

    Planning Meeting

    Camarillo Scout House

    This is our third meeting to be held at the Scout House in Camarillo California. We hope everyone will be able to attend.

  • 12/6/2017, 6:30PM

    Planning Meeting (Cancelled)

    Camarillo Scout House

    This meeting was cancelled due to the fires happening in the Sespe District. Reschedule will occur.

  • 11/1/2017, 6:30PM

    Planning Meeting

    LDS Stake Center Mills Road, Ventura

    This is our first planning meeting to take place at the Ventura LDS Stake Center on Mills Road. Please click the Read More button to see the agenda for the meeting.


Lessons Learned

Our final camporee meeting resulted in Lessons Learned.
Download File

April 4th Meeting Agenda

Our final camporee meeting agenda before Camporee.
Download File

Webelos Family Invitation

Webelos are invited to camporee with all the details.
Download File

March 7th Meeting Agenda

This is the agenda for the March 7th meeting
Download File

Camporee Manual

This is the agenda for the February 7th meeting
Download File

Camporee Events Manual

The manual for the events being offered at Camporee
Download File

February 7th Meeting Agenda

This is the agenda for the February 7th meeting
Download File

2018 Camp Willett Camporee Patch Design Contest

Be part of history and design the 2018 Camporee Patch.
Download File

January 3rd 2018 Meeting Agenda

This is the agenda for the January 3rd Meeting
Download File

December 6th Meeting Agenda

This is the agenda for the December 6th meeting
Download File

Camporee 2018 Notification Flyer

This flyer tells you all the information for preparing for Camporee
Download File

November 1st 2017 Meeting Agenda

The document that outlines the discussion points for the next meeting
Download File

2017 Camporee Lessons Learned

The document that contains notes from last year's camporee for conversation in the 2018 camporee discussions.
Download File

Camporee STAFF

Steve Berkel

Sespe District Camping Chair

Amit Bouzaglo

Camporee Chairman

Ken Harrison

Camporee Scoutmaster

Herb Schwind

Sespe District Program Chair

Vern Green

Sespe District Chair

To Be Determined

Senior Patrol leader


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